I Don't Like Testo

Testo I Don't Like

Listen up princess...
I wake up in the morning take a knee and thank god,
then go to the mirror look myself in the eye.
Today I didn't wake up with a woman on my side,
yesterday I didn't wake up with a woman on my side.
Neither the day before that nor before that.
I just remember the moments call me Kodak.
And know that I do miss you,
but it's your denial that I must hold against you.
Since you've been gone I've been all alone,
but alone is steroids cause it made me strong.
Gerr... her gone in the wind,
you cheated on gods son baby girl thats a sin.
But I forgive you, but I can't give you,
another chance ma you're in my rear view.
And I put that ring on your finger I was all in,
but now it's just a symbol of what could have been. God damn.

And now I'm by myself but. (I Like Dat)
she left me all by myself but. (I Like Dat)

I love my niggas no homo, I swear I hope they all get cheese like Digornio.
It's something bout' the hot boys that you don't know,
I got a lot of love for them that I don't show.
And BG been my nigga since the front door, I hope Choppa City Records blow, fo' sho'.
And me and Juvi never really got along,
but you still wud let your nigga come get on your hottest song.
Damn, I fuck with you for that,
I fuck with you Lil Wack.
And me and Skip go back,
when you see a real nigga you got to tip your hat,
and since I'm a real nigga I do just that.
I had my own lawyer working on Turk's case,
after I heard him dissing me on the mix tape.
Cause hes locked up and I'm free,
he got a lot more to worry bout' then me. I ain't trippin'.

y'all niggas left me by myself, but I can't front. (I Like Dat)
And so, now, I've became the president of the spot y'all left me at.
A lot has changed, but, i cant front.
(I Like Dat)
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