Burn Testo

Testo Burn

hammer on the dresser
work on the stove
im sittin on the counter blowin purp out my nose
red bone naked
in the bed flexin
i said bitch i aint impressed you mustve got the wrong impression
uh,I aint with the bs Im flyer than pf
man we livin in hell like a deep breath
real niggas with reall money
real bitches with fake asses
if she dont wanna fuck i get on my skate board x skate past
my money on the table guns on table
bitch im on that syrup tell that hoe lehgo my ego
x my girlfriend is a choppa i finger fuck that hoe
hello i am tuechi you had me at hello
uh drop top maybach clean like a jax
man ion fuck w nun on you niggas like red necks
we got that work so come x get it
if we dont know you you pay taxes
i put a hole in yo apple what that is apple jacks
uh pussy nigga ill murder you
than dance at yo funeral
blood ill have a nigga drinkin his own blood communion
wake up like bone thugs i call yo bluff pick the phone up
her tities fake but they look real cubic zoconic
run up in yo house scare the kids x kill the grouwn ups
yo bitch call me when she hot crispy creame dougnuts
shout out to my new hoes shout out to my old hoes
i still wear that ass out like a wardrobe
bitch what they gone say
still eatin rappers on my fuckin lunch break
bad yellow bitch w a tounge like a snake
i let her suck my dick x than i fuck her to some drake
than i let that kush burn let that kush burn
yeah i let that kush burn smokin gasoline

bitch the booth on fire im in here gettin higher
young money bitch we at the top like bobwire
uh money on my mind i aint thinkin bout no bitch
im talkin bout that scratch like my mf throat itch
uh stop stuntin if you ballin buy yo bitch sumthn
stayed on the same team like tim duncan
shit get real if you scared go to catholic school
x if we morning straight jacket like a padden room
shoot yo ass a hunnit times x stand over you
lil tuechi so fly i got arachnophobia
burn bitch ak in my firm grip
leap if you feelin like curmet sermence
preach reach x ill smoke yo ass like cheech
i be fadded like bleach double bareel simece
i like my swisher obese fuck that bitch like police
fuck these haters w no grease
you get chin check gold teeth
money talks bitch x mine talk like
robin leech
that lean got me slow as lisa turner ask preach
bank card heavy my wallet like a barbell
my girl got a fat cat i call that shit garfield
we will bring the O.K. Corrall to yo boorbell well pull trigers not coattails
x make lumpsumbs oatmel
im stuntin gettin money truck fit money mountain dew money
tellem i get better like fine wine im fire like cayenne
x the words of my nigga bp ill hit a bitch w a car bomb BOOM
(lil bitch) niggas gone talk they aint talkin bout shit
niggas gone bark i go mike vick
fuck them fuck niggas on that fuck shit
suck a nigga dick for some truck fit
than let that kush burn let that kush burn
yeah i let that kush burn smokin gasolie BITCH
the booth on fire im in here gettin higher
holla at a nigga if you want that oscar myer tune
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