A Dedication Testo

Testo A Dedication

Yo, this is the dedication to the bitches
And to the women ya dig
A bitch is a female dog
And they say a dog is a man's best friend

Alright now so, I just wanna say to all the ladies
I, I, what you gotta say? Yeah, I just wanna say to all the ladies
That we love y'all and all the single mothers out there
Keep ya head up when you do what you do, you do it well

And shout out to my mother
She's a wonderful mother
And everybody else's mothers
And everybody in this room, mothers
Shout out to all our mothers, ya dig

We love all y'all, happy mother's day
Even when it ain't without y'all we wouldn't be here

That was a beautiful dedication right there to the women
Shout out to my daughter, your daughter too
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