Ya Man Ain't Me Testo

Testo Ya Man Ain't Me

Hey girl
whats up?
you've been going through it, huh?
yea I know & I know your man aint been treating you right
but your man aint me
girl I bet that he be acting all cocky like,
like he deserves you and you so lucky to be with him
that he be treatin you rude always got an attitude
like hes the only dude made for you
but I bet he didn't count on a lil' nigga like me comin round
baby a few things to think about cuz I know its love
cuz he aint trying to step it up
Don't you think you should give him up
Cuz he aint worth your love
Stop trippin
I know you got a man
but girl hes slippin
I can see myself getting in without him
I want you to see just how much your man aint me
cuz he aint fly
he don't even drive
Cuz when you wanna sneak out in the middle of the night
Baby im your guy
imma be sixteen and he aint know that he can be, baby please, your man,
your man aint me
girl I know that you be wishin that he was nothing like,
like that player type
and your so lucky to be with him?
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