Young Love Testo

Testo Young Love

[Tell me whats the definition of love,
Seems like everybody thinks they can figure it out,
But, everytime they fall up in it they fall out in and out it again,
Tell me how they gonna know about us,
Telling me and you that we aint been around long enough,
We can prove them wrong show them how it's done,
I know we can do it because,
If it's whylin' out- we got that,
Then forgiving- we got that,
If it's talking bout how we feeling- we got that,
If it's hanging out- keeping it real then,
Me and you know what the deal is,
But, Since we aint 21 they be trying to say it aint love,
Cuz we cant hit the clubs they be tryin to say we too young,
I aint saying we tryin to be grown,
Im saying that we old enough to know,
we got that young love ( young love)
We lucky coz we got that young love]
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