What I Do Testo

Testo What I Do

Just in case you forgot, we go by the runners, hold up
Chris Brown, this what we do, we do this

I be throwin' up my cash, actin' like money ain't a thang, yeah (yeah)
I'm speedin' down this fast lane, stuntin' and they mad cause they cant, yeah
I'm feelin' like a can't lose
And when they ask me bout the cars, and the girls, and the cribs
I just tell em' it's what I do (its what I do)
It's what I do, hey, it's what I do

Everywhere I go they show me love, so I give it back
Throw a couple stacks up in the air cause I'm gonna get it back
See somethin' sexy up in here, I'm gonna bring it back
They keep on runnin' back, they keep on comin' back

Everybody knows CB, see me, sittin' in the front row, player
Stuntin' with my J's on, and it's all for them haters, yeah
We get into that crunk boy, yo money to long boy, we do this for fun boy.


Nanana, nanana, nanana, nananaah
Nanana, nanana, nanana, ey ey it's what I do

Single once again, I'm bout to go where I never been
Gone with the wind, cause that other ish irrelevant.
We can get it in, I mean get it in
And I got stamina so don't forget to bring a friend

Nah bring ten, but they gotta be tens
Now that's a hunt of them, let the runners in, yeah yeah
So I give it like an elegist, my CD's selling out you ain't married to the girl you should've been


Nanana, nanana yeah, nanana, nananaah yeah
Nanana, nanana yeah, nanana, ey ey it's what I do

I keep cash on me, no black cards
They don't know what them is, I deal with hood brauds
There's a knife on me, that's no iPod, you want my watch homie gimmie five bricks for it
I got the Maserati, I had to lick for it, we all luv to talk, that's what I paid for it
He say I bought fleet, and I luv mine, four brauds with me, and all of 'em dimes
Six chains on me, and all of 'em shine
I got my bread right, feel like I'm 6'9
Ain't just hot mine, I'm hot in every city, she want a pretty boy, I brought Chris Breezy with me


Nanana, nanana, nanana, nananaah
Nanana, nanana, nanana
It's what I do
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