I'll Go Testo

Testo I'll Go

[Verse 1:]
There's a star in the palm of my hand
And I think it's yours
If you don't want
Then I'll understand
You deserve much more
When I brought it
Down from the sky, you almost forgot it
It was new back when you gave a damn
What you need I'll go and get it

But if I don't come back
Girl your love was worth it
That's the one thing I know
And if I don't make it back
Girl remember that
That I said I'd go baby
Girl your love is so hard
But it takes me so far
But I don't care, I'll go
If I don't make it home
But at least now you know
Girl for you, I'll go.

[Verse 2:]
Got my heart in the palm of your hand
Now you good that's yours
If you don't want it
I wont understand
'cause I came so far
When you tossed it
It took forever to find the place where you lost it
Now your gone with my heart out the door
Home is here girl
Don't forget it.

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