Goodbye Blue Sky Testo

Testo Goodbye Blue Sky

Your world has ended and life for us,
So has the global marching economy.

When life as when your own existence is only the wave of your lies.
When your earth is dieing, your sky, your earth, your water and forests.
Genetic world is picking over mutations of man.
Your would is dieing.
(blue sky. good bye, blue sky, good bye)
The CIA has sold you out along with the pentagon,
For a much better game, a much more profitable mortgage.
(good bye, blue sky)
Multi-national corporate america is what you name it, not a democracy!
(good bye, blue sky. good bye, blue sky,good bye)
Good bye blue skys, Unless you open your eyes.
Unless you open your eyes to what in the world is happening.
(good bye, blue sky)
The third world is waiting for you to wake up.
(good bye blue sky, goodbye)
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