Automatic Testo

Testo Automatic

I got that automatic
That ready rock and you can have it
But it might get you higha than a mu’fa
I got that automatic
The super good I know you wish you had it
That cocaine have you feelin like an addict
I got that lean ill have you walking in traffic and you so hot so you need that push
And this ain’t regular baby this here is kush
Sour diesel got you going and when you wake up
You’ll feel like an eagle in the morning
I’ve got that cherry colo with extra ice
I’ve got that a1 yola but if you want it
You gon have to get yo dough up
And if I hear you braggin on your d!ck
but you’ll be jonesin once you get a hit of this
You’ll be fienin when you want me used to be
A balla now u just a fuckin junkie

[Verse: Nicki Minaj]
Dear Teairra, why these bitches so mad now?
You know they went and put my flow up in the mad house
Just left the courtroom yup me and my co-dizzle
We got them sniffles that’ll make a nigga nose tickle
Anyway I’m nice you know my price, I’m such a D-girl fish scale
So they think I work at sea world now you the p-ssy cop
Cause I make this p-ssy pop if you throw some ice up on it
You cold have this p-ssy pop
Awww Suzuki ride him like Suzuki
You know my coochie got him looking like pookie
I’m such a diva, number one d!ck pleaser
Nicki been hot since she was rocking a-d-didas didas didas
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