Run (Freestyle) Testo

Testo Run (Freestyle)

Birdman JR in your building people
I'm gonna let u know how it goes down on how I want it.
Since the shots came and u heard me
In an drought that's been effective since 9/11
I'm on avenue with 9-11's
I'm a 2 time felon, that's why I keep the top up on my 9-11.
And new orleans ain't got no reco law, so I keep that heat in the car, but they don't know I got that dro in the seat in the car, but it's hot right now, so u can see me tomorrow, hey ghost face, the young is on the block duckin blue n red lights, while ya boy bypassin fed life, but if them cocksuckers ever give me dead right, 3 hots n the cops swallow weed and knife, right. I speak that night and take it easy in the day, go hard with the goat, take it easy with the yaya. lil weezy, I get my loot up, but when the pull up come, I say my cool run run, RUN
Run! If you sell drugs in the school zone
Run! If you gettin' chased with no shoes on
Run! Fuck that! Run! Cops got, guns!
They givin' out life like bird tons.
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