Mama Gave Me Testo

Testo Mama Gave Me

mama gave me the swag, i walk like the president
talk bout only dead presidents and big settlements
yes i have faith in the flag, yep i'm a citizen
i'm reppin my city that is bet is the silliest
mama ain't teach me no betta but to get this chedda
and that i do, and for it i get at you
i consider you all fools, you niggas is hilarious
young money bitches don't wanna fuck us, they wanna marry us
now ain't that some shit
i can't have one bitch but i just got one dick and NO
i ain't fuckin with the faith
i lower my hand gun with hand towels just to touch a nigga face
i am somethin like a safe, i will never crack
ain't no combination, nigga neva dat
if a nigga eva said anything about weezy and meant it
he gon get it that same evenin, pimpin
backseat ridin like i'm mr. daisy, i am weezy f baby, don't miss the baby
i kiss the lady on her hand, i'm a fly young man, check my wingspan
this year, i probably do everythin, tan by crib on the sand
gotta float to the land but don't get it twisted, i still die for me
and do a bid for my man, do the best that i can
cuz i'm strong, strong with a will and a plan
there's a will, there's a way so make way for the fam
young money, i yell it til they come for me, come get me
i bet i'll take more than one wit me
i know it don't take more than one shot
and for that reason, i'm gon shoot more than one shot
i be clickin when the gun stop, i make the body hot
then spit on it when the body drop
i get on it like a pot of crack
i get at your bitch, then i tell her like a rapper.. holla back!
i'm still askin, where the dollaz at
i will smash em if you got em jack, i peel faster
the lil bastard in the made back
a young nigga, i still think savin is wack
i eat, sleep, shit and bathe wit my gat
i'm like, fuck pimpin, slavin is back
they like, 'yes master, you da best master'
my hoes need me, i'm like test answers
you don't need me, you might catch cancer
come back from the treatment lookin like van axil
NO, i don't like bald head hoes
i like a long haired diva with the bosses goals
i'm a all day pleaser, your boy can't go
he too proud, i go where your boy can't go, oh
nasty ass lil boy, put my feet up on the dash, pass the grass
enjoy, get the coke up off the glass, get the money out the drawers
get the weed out the jars and we do it like stars
weezy f baby
Submitted by Kelera from the Itty Gritty Peg City
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