Make It Rain (New Verse) (Live) Testo

Testo Make It Rain (New Verse) (Live)

And My Grill Is Ill
Ice Bright White Light Ya Lil?
Did I Do That
Throwin Up Signs
Like Im With A Frat
Eagle Street Bitch
See Me When Ya Wanna
Find Me Im The Owner
Them Yellow Diamonds Lookin Like A Fridge Full Of Coronas
Ya See Thru Like Cubic Zerconiam
And Me I Keep It Funky Like Pubic Aroma
Hit Em With The Glock
Put Em In A Coma
Now What That Boy Got
Uhhh Glaucoma
My Weed Is Stronger
Uh Uh Wait
I Like Promethozine
Im In A Snail Race
My Watch Lines? Pick Up 88
Because I Got Crack Rocks As A Watch Face
Ya Girl Stick To Me Like Scotch Tape
Goodie? Colors In The Shade Nigga Fuck Bape
And Im Cold Like Upstate
All These Hoes Feel My Feung Shwei
Weezy Baby Im Here All Day
Your Girl Wanna Eat Me Alive
Im Like An Entree
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