Long Time Coming (Remix) Testo

Testo Long Time Coming (Remix)

Back door back room young nigga still switchin
Young nigga still pitchin naked bitchez in da kitchen
Wishen dat I wud kiss em but I jus missed em
Get my money den I dismiss em
Lil marley said still trippin
He gata bigger pistol now
He say he ain't missin
U can't miss em
He's da skinny dude with da dreads
High yellow red
Who always my blood
So we forever bled
U ain't gata go upstairs
U kno watz up der
Bitchez and cook ware
Hell yea f**k yea
U kno u smell dat cocaine tuff air
It'z been a long time comin
But I come up fair I ain't complainin I'm hydroplainin
Like compo smash da plaintiff
Now I'm ova da sink
Tryin 2 think and find da kinkz
To strenghthen the tieng linkz
There is no brakez
No alarms
Guns weed triggers and bitchez
The thicker da bitchez
Da bigger da brick is
Niggaz on some real shit but(change gon come)
And wen it do u betta get with it
The carter 2 trple exquisite
So bring ya friends
On your next visit
Let's get it
The livin room
Still gata bunch of youngins in it
Jus waitin on a blunt to hit it
And trill comin with it
And blake probably in the basement on his catastenics
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And tez probably in the office
Bein a math matician
Dats catacorner 2 my bedroom
Lady in it
Who only want weezy baby in it
Yea maybe when I finish gettin dis butta I'll touch ya
But I can't love ya I ain't usher I'm all southern
All brotha
U cud call the authorities
Gat u wonderin how money
Got the law ignorin me
Like I ain't bringin in 4 a week
And I need more streets
The house need sheet rock
U cud hear it all da way down the block
Cause wen u sleep not
We at work pops
No stop watch
Ain't no clockz up
Wen we leave all u gata do
Is put da potz up
We eatin cheese and bread we stocked up
So u cud put your eggs and tots up
Itz not us
Wen I wake up I pop up
Anotha day anotha dolla
Bitch holla
Dis time I've excersized my power
So now I'm singin in da shower
A lil deodarant
Lil howard jhonson
Forty bagz of powder
Get da keyz off the counter
I walk out da door
And smell a flour
Now I'm about to go
Get into dis album
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