Let 'em Testo

Testo Let 'em

(feat. Reel)
I'm Reloaded
Ha Ha
Gun Off Safety
Guard Yah Mothafuckin Grill
[Verse 1:]
{Cha}, Come Stay With Me, Come Get Yah One Way Ticket To Gun Play City, And Come Play With Me
In The Land Of The Hornet, Be A Man When It's Swarmin
{Cha}No Arm & Hammer, Just Hammers & Arms
And We Bormin No Mo Bandans, Just Stockings & Leg Warmers, Over The Eyes To Hide Like Thighs{Surprise}
I'm In Yah Place With Pillows Over Your Face
Let The Feathers Protect You From The Metal {Taha}
Paramedics Get Payed To Try
And The Barbarians Get Nothing To Carry Ya, They Should Drop You
Pick Up Where I Left Off
Bodies On The Step, Ya'll Gotta Walk Around That
I Did When I Crept Off
Head By My Bitch In My Town We Call It Ducked-Off
She Cook Chicken & 8ball
No Pool Ball, No Rules Dawg, No Shoes Dawgs
But Them Shells'll Knock Yah Shoes Off
Ooo That Boy Den Got His Head Knocked Clean Up Off Of His Motherfuckin Shoulder{Naw Look At Him}
So Now It's Over{Naw Look At Him} {Naw Look At Him}
Ooooooo That Boy Den Got His Head Knocked Clean Off Of His Motherfuckin Shoulder{Naw Look At Him} {Naw Look At Him} {Naw Look At Him}
So Now It's Over
[Verse 2:]
I'm a Mob This Bitch Out
Black Cloths, Black Guns, Black Bullet Holes, Raspberry Floors, Burgundy Walls, Red Windows
Dead Homies, Dead Ken Folk, Stright N.O.
Makein No Mistake, I Let Them Know
I'm From Eagle, Right Next To The Scope
Think I'm Slow, Think Not
I Bang Out Hoe
I Got The Clips That Hang Out To
No Kerfew
Nigga I'll Murk You
That's What I Would Do
Put Work On Yah Block, I See How Much Yah Hood Do
I Kid U Not When The Barrel Get Hot
I Pop Like Why Not
I Work That, Cock Back Like Tom Mock {Box Box}
Game Over, No More Seconds On The Clock, Stop
I Geta Steal Frame Shot Of Him
Drop Him While He Still Runnin
Got Damn
[Verse 3:]
And We Got Somin For The Who It May Concerns
Stap So Many Burners I'm A Furnas
No These Arent Ornaments, No Decorations
I'm Waitin For The Right Arms And Legs To Come Through Shacky {Yeah}
1 2 Mayday, I'm a Soldier Baby
Awall You Need To Stay Away
The Game Get To Deep For Little Niggas & They Can't Stay
Get Upin That Trunk With Cedrick, They You Betta Vacate
Mack 11 Ak, Duce Duce In The Tray, Smoke Yah
Put Yah Butt In The Tray
Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Dust
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Faster Than Rabbits, Fuck
Yah Caskest Shut
I Dash & Duck The Federal Mutts
I Hit Him With Somin He Will Never Get Up
But, Let Him Get Up Then I Metal Him Up
And Then I Bet A Million He Will Never Get Up
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