Knuck If You Buck Testo

Testo Knuck If You Buck

Verse 1:
Young maine for president I'd probably paint the white house black if it was my residence bush back in office some niggas feel that's irrelavant, cause they still peddalin this medicine but anyway anyday i can zurk out quick and make my semi spray send some of my men ya way just to blow yo men away stephon malbury type bullets they like the pennatrate young money we outta school but we got chemistry (young money muthafucka) young spitter, young maine, young cop, young mall, tez poe we dont pass the rock nigga we ball hog mash low in the escalade nigga yall all fall jack yo fresh ass caddy and steal yo white wallz nigga we don't like yall hell yeah we will fight yall we ain't on no tyson shit we ain't tryna bite yall knuckin if u buckin probably buss it at yo couzin we youngins thats bout somethin yall niggas ain't bout nothing(chyea, chyea)
Verse 2:
nigga we bussin, and bussin to the banger buss no we don't run for the olympics but the flame wit us. i got that tussin that scummy and that angel dust so pick yo high i will supply and correct changes whats up. we bring the bussin we bussin like this thang for us you niggas is sleevless man you can't hang with us i got a bitch who speak spanglish she keep her bangles danglin and the coccaine is right up in her anus OakWayne is right up in the spot where he suppose to be got Hova at the game and now he coachin me but i been a champion happy as i ever been lampin' in the hamptons like what the fuck is a hamick the chief up in the kitchen like what the fuck is a samitch i'm like we gotta find middle ground we need balance challenge me that be to my advantage i'm outstanding like standing outside up in the twister and walking not damage standing outside up in the blizzard then walking hot handed serving nicklebags in Iraq bet I will not panic Swerve the nickel black if I wreck bet I will not panic cop another one the next day and drive it crazier and the seats'll be lazier shit'll be gravier Nina Sarafeena my girl so then I baby her wavin her at you crazy foo gazee's I'm 2 brazee 3 brazee's deep we got 380's and P 80 9's 9's M 10's M 1's and 12 gauges shell cases money put up for jail cases bail make it my momma say tuck ya chain son they'll take it I hit her wit one of them stell faces like I be damn momma they know who i am momma i'm still yo little boy but to them i'm the man momma fuck wit ya boy man hollygrove the hood nigga throw it in ya face till you get that understood
Verse 3:
Niggas know i'm heavy with the coke with the coke in the Impala SS and its sittin heavy on da spokes neva am i broke man playin with some change i get a nigga soaked like he playin in da rain and everywhere i go a hoe starein at my chain i'm the most valuable playa in da game these haters wanna rob me cause i got more kicks then niggas with black belts in karate keep a redbone with a real nice body just copped a lac and a yellow maserati niggas ain't fuckin with the dawg when young money shoppin we don't leave nothing in the mall these niggas ain't as rich as us man ya rims too small get ya muthafuckin inches up cuz i copped me a benz today just to go on 106 and Park and hand the keys over to Free and AJ
Submitted By: Kelera from the Itty Gritty Peg City
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