B Side Blues Testo

Testo B Side Blues

I'm so tired and I'm all burned out
Say I'm so tired
And I'm all burned out
They say I got to write some new songs
But I'm all tapped out

They gave me six days to rest myself
(Um... haha)
That I can't get no sleep
Six days to rest myself
And I can't get no sleep
My complaints up my ass
I can't get no relief
Hey hey yeah, aah aah, Yeah !

I was born, long ago (that sounds right)
I'm the chosen, I'm the one, Hey hey
Sing the song, sell those records
Repeat yourself do it again one more time
I don't ever do nothing twice
And I feel just fine, aah
Take this song and shove it up your ass
Yeah! Ahahahah
Top 40 Yeah!

Mother want gold records, give me that star
Hey! ahahahah!
Gonna be a big famous Rock & Roll star
Gonna buy a new car
Yeah! Hey! Yeah!
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