Baby (Eric Lee's Male Version Of _dear Ben_) Testo

Testo Baby (Eric Lee's Male Version Of _dear Ben_)

I love you, I won't ever let you go
I have always dreamed of me and you
Because I love you so
So perfect in every way, it feels like a fantasy

But you're real in every way
No one can take the place of you [for me]

I love you, you're perfect, a manifestation of my dreams
You make my body feel about a million different things

It's something 'bout the way you make me feel
This feeling that I have, it's real
God, thank you for this wonderful creation
You have given to me
I wanna be the one to get close to you
I wanna get to know you
I'll do the things that make you smile and laugh
Your charm makes me fall for you


So special, so unique
So many beautiful things I see
Do you feel how I feel?
'Cause, baby, you look so sweet to me

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