Burn The Cross Testo

Testo Burn The Cross

'Holy son please save us all
Rise up and do not fall
Brought from the light to rule the earth
Burning angel screaming since birth
No use to fight the strongest will
Tempting powers from the dark side
Burn the cross!
Break the chains that hold you down
Burn the cross!
To set you free, to free your will
Burn the cross!
Light the night!
Burn the cross!
Burn the cross forevermore
Burn the cross!
To complete the ultimate dream
Burn the cross!
Let it show who rules the earth
Burn the cross: burn it all!
'Holy son I'll show you the way
Tomorrow's not yesterday'
Rejecting the creed, denying the faith
From the light towards the dark side
To burn the church, to burn the cross
Son of light, but ruler of darkness
Burn the cross!...
From the light, to rule the earth
Their own Christ was meant to serve
But the sacred dominion shall never come
It is your turn!
Their belief you have to burn
The holy son Messiah has fallen down
Their precious son shall burn the cross
Burn the cross!...
Burn it!
Crush it!
Let's destroy it all!
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