Into Dark Ages Testo

Testo Into Dark Ages

You try identify
Something inside
A dark abyss
But everything you
Perceive is the silence
Death and desolation
You try to question me
Mourning and sorrow?
There aren't answers four you
Cause only the ones that have got
The risen conscience
Can understand me
Illusion of your world isn't greater
Than my contempt four you
The falsehood that spurts out
Form your mouth
Will never be greater
Than the truth of my words
While you're still
Watching this black hole
You can't imagine the beginning
And the end are fixed in your mind
And now in the long cold nights
It's me who look at your image
And you can hear
My laughter and my cry
Maybe someday you'll understand
My pain but it won't be shared
Cause I'm an unique
Being in this universe
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