Imperious Malevolence Testo

Testo Imperious Malevolence

An incandescent moon and dark clouds
Contemplate the earth whit harsh eyes
Reflexes of lightning in the sad skies
Are a proof of this severity
Beings dying in their stone cocoons
Trying to hide from the fury of the undefined
An earthquake that brings to the ground
Their mass of cocoons that no longer scrapes the skies
But crash the ones who built it
Whose belicist brains are splattered on the street
Cities swallowed by the fury of Neptune
Seas become deserts, deserts become glaciers
Glaciers melt
Humans face eternal martyrium
Dilution extermination of earthly races hunting genocide
Predators that don't kill induce to suicide
They've been sent to capture and kill
Homicide those who escape form the catastrophe
Destruction human race has no longer the right to live condemnation
A disinfection of the planet for a new civilization
Here's the rancor of death
Here's the eternal martyrium
Here's the gnashing of teeth
Here's the atonement in hell!!!!
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