The Visible Man Testo

Testo The Visible Man

Deoxyribonucleic acid
Blueprint for life
Human genetic information
Causatum of strife
Polymer of nucleotides
Map every point
Sequencing the protein code
Ours to exploit
Encoding the chromosomes
A DNA bank
Profiling every base pair
Forensic mountebank
Codons replication to regulate
Data in slumber
Every man, woman, child
We've got your number
Humanity we'll dissect
Inhumane genome project
Encoding all that we can
Creating the visible man
Collecting every string
For tracking everything
Patenting all your genes
For vending your being
[solo: 'DNA, RNA, the AMA, and an MBA' - S.C. McGrath]
Samples biological, questions philosophical
Privatizing eugenics to control the amoral
Ambitions are transfixed on the double helix
Bereft of a paddle, you're headed up the river Styx
Civil liberties exsiccate, driven by your fear
Fingerprints of disease and disorders engineered
Aggregating profiles of your Achilles' heels
Corporeal confidentials are ours to steal
Will of the Rxxx
Inhumane genome project
Fleecing all with our plan
Controlling the visible man
Artisti per lettera
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