Sickness Is Health Testo

Testo Sickness Is Health

The lowest dregs of humanity
With 'bad blood' we recruit
Syphilitic beneficiaries
Ethical points are moot
Chancres observed on genitals
Lymph nodes begin to swell
Amelioration we will stall
Urination must be hell
Sickness is health
Observe the rashes, the meningismus
And broad lesional sores
Withhold the benzathine penicillin
The patient must die to learn more
Gore is peace
Vigor is slavery
Madness is strength
Sickness is health
Your sexual proclivity
A prejudice on which we wagered
Diagnosed, and we were stoked
To watch as your health wavered
Gummas form inside the marrow
It's all so interesting
The sight of your aortic collapse
You'll find quite arresting
Sickness is health
Health care administered to the death
As the bacterium eats your brain
Meningovascular infection
We sit idle as you go insane
Suffer for the common good
Assume uninformed consent
Gratitude for your sacrifice
At your autopsy, we present
Sickness is health
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