Preservation Of Death Testo

Testo Preservation Of Death

(solo: 'A 50cc Solution to the Problem' by J. Kocol)
In vials suffused with anti-decomposotes
Concealed organelles, their discovery remote
Preservation of...
A post-mortem view to the nature of
Preservation of...
A looking glass through to the traces of
With our crimes concealed, we've time to reveal
Anatomical dogmas, so far not appealed
(solo: 'A Cabinet of Curiosities' by J. Kocol)
(solo: 'These Lips are Sealed' by S.C. McGrath)
In perfect suspension, this gralloch begs the question
Past this mortal coil, can we affect reclamation
Preservation of...
Channels replete through which we aim to cheat
Preservation of...
To our last breath, pursuing life after
Information I'll procure from subjects matured
In a gripe's egg of our preserving tinctures
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