The Prophet Testo

Testo The Prophet

Through the darkest night I walk without fear.
Soul wrapped in light I am coming near.
Watching all the prophesies to become true.
I´m the pilgrim behind centuries and my message in breaking through...
...My Message is Breaking Through...
Judgement I have seen and soon it is here.
All the places where I`ve been my words you will hear.
I tear down your fence quarded by your mind.
The truth I bring to you as fear grows in your inside...
Death in it´s Grandeur, Reflection of Doom.
Makes us Surrend Our, Bodies and Souls.
From my Belief I´ve, Find the Truth.
Christ in my Life now, I have Lost my Fear...
I will now walk through the public opinion.
I´m gonna talk about the salvation.
From the shadows I rise and see your pain.
Your life in the lies is worth of all the prays...
...Worth of All the Prays...
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