Armaggedons Blade Testo

Testo Armaggedons Blade

Far from the nights of winter
Far from the palace of god
Clash of the unbound spirits
Oh, dark and proud they are
I behold the cursed ones
I behold the angered eyes
Emblem of retribution
Vision of abomination
Armageddons Blade!
I stand before a horizon
A horizon from blood to blood
I stand before a horizon
With fire from Satans realms
A chalice with boiling blood
A chalice with heavens blood
A call for the ancients spirits
Spawn of purity
Countless years, decades of filth
Waiting for this god dethrone
Unfold by a source of thunder
Revealed from the face of the earth
Swords were sprung, spawned as one
A blade of armageddon I saw
[Repeat first two lines in verse one x3]
Armageddons Blade!
[Repeat chorus one]
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