Breaking & Entering Testo

Testo Breaking & Entering

Intrusive spirits enter my hands and raid my body.They tap on the glass of my soul,
Creating obscured images that from a distance,
Look like the face of the malefactor.
Breaking and entering without warning into my chamber, Rampaging through, raping my innocuous soul.
They smother me with answerless questions
aAnd artificial ideals, blinding me from the truth.
The spirits assure me they aren't malicious devils,
(But) saviors with swords.
Stabbing my innocence,
Plunging the nefarious knife into me,
Leaving an incision stinging of guilt and submission.
I limp away from the spirits, cleanse my hands
And rid my soul of these deluded thoughts
That annihilated my conscious and robbed me of my innocence.
Innocence that I dream of regaining.
A feat that's impossibly possible.
The light in my soul is dimmed now,
No longer a phosphorous skintillation,
But a darkened amber glow that has yet to be extinguished.
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