David Jordan – Move On Video Testo Lyrics Traduzione

Vi ricordate il primo singolo uscito poche settimane fa, Sun goes down ? Ritorna David Jordan con un altro singolo, stesso style, stesso ritmo, dall’album “Set the Mood” ecco Move On.

David con quest’album è arrivato fino alla posizione numero 13 della classifica inglese degli album più venduti.

[youtube 045UGVqo6kE nolink]

David Jordan – Move On Video Lyrics

When we met we were cool, we were just fine
Now you’re acting strange and obsessively
Hide my things cause you don’t want me to leave you
Take my phone, credit cards and my house keys
You think that I don’t know you’re stalking me
Think it’s about time that you get the hell on

Right that’s it I’ve had enough
I’ve caught you out, I’ve called your bluff, now move on
Knew that I would catch you out, no longer want your
ass about, move on

How much more of me do you want like
Say you’re a troubled soul and you never sleep..without me
There’s only so much I can do
Before I end up hating you
You think I can’t ignore the lies you tell
But that’s on your conscience now


Time to let me go cause I don’t want you for sure
Don’t want you snooping around my back door
Don’t want you on my phone why you won’t leave me alone
I can’t take no more
Read my lips it’s over

Chorus x2

David Jordan – Move On Testo Traduzione

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