What I Think Testo

Testo What I Think

This is my very own disease
Wake up drenched in fear
Pounding of my brain
Might explode in time

This cold chill makes me tremble
Could this be my life or
Is he just teasing me
Cannot close my eyes
Will the Reaper be waiting
This my own disease
Burn it at both ends
What can I expect
Twisted from the stress
Validating these voices
This my very own disease
Be that as it may
Take it for granted
And abuse ourselves and still
I am constantly fractured
As I sit here fading
Truth to fantasy
Keeps the days replacing
My denial for comfort
This is my very own disease
Caused by my neglect
This breakdown comes full circle
Lost in my regret
Now don't be surprised when I tell myself
I told you so
Just give my fear a name
Bent, cracked, numb, fucked, slave
Dreams that leave a stain
Can't escape such impressions
This is my very own disease
I told you so
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