Hold On Testo

Testo Hold On

what is so wrong when this has never felt so right?
you were like air to me..
silence means nothing but timing is eveything, you were my everything..
I said to you the words I thought you wanted to hear
but in the end they all meant nothing..
you'll never find it.....you're always caught off guard
hold on to everything.. in the end we all fade away
hold on to everything...cus we all fade away
I'm holding on to every night spent with you
and you're pictures still line my mirror
this bed's so cold without you
and moving on is just so hard to do..
each breath I take screams out your name,
but breathing still chokes me up
I'll never find it..... you are my everything
You are the one that kills me and you are the taste behind my lips
You're still the one that kills me and you're still the taste behind my lips
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