We're Leaving Testo

Testo We're Leaving

Raise your glasses please into a toastFor we are many hometown ghosts.
Let it spill all over the floor.
What the hell are you saving it for?
On June, July, August, September.
Let's drink 'em all, I don't want to remember.
These have been the best years of our lives.
It's a shame my dear,
There's no room for lost years.
So we're leaving, we're leaving tonight.
You look lovely lying wasted on your bed,
Staring at a photograph of you and your best friend.
They said make a cross over your hearts,
And we'll swear we'll never drift apart.
It's a shame my dear,
To be leaving you here.
But we're leaving, we're leaving tonight.
Oh my heroes, my brothers, where have you gone?
There is something in the air, something is wrong.
Where is my father, my mother, my sister, my lover?
Have you all gone over to the other side?
It's a shame my dears,
There's no room for me here.
So I'm leaving, I'm leaving tonight.
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