Silent Enemy Testo

Testo Silent Enemy

Tanks of posion, rolling onward
Deadly Chemicals, slow killers
Waiting silent, all of man's waste
Buried within our landfills, ready
To strike
The enemy lurks unseen,
Seeing through the land
Contamination flows into the rivers
Poision your own mother
American dream, living without a care
Set a course, heading nowhere
Hazardous waste, never told never know
Out of sight, out of mind
[Repeat Chorus]
The earth will take revenge,
When it can offer no more
Mankind stabbing itself in the back
Our throwaway society will destroy itself
Living amongst a decaying world
Heaving erupting spewing forth
The vile wast of man's consturction
Torrents of ash blacken the air,
A stifilng wave of human despair
The winds kick up
Pollution in the air
Our vital resources
Are being choked out
Nothing is sacred
Get rich at all costs
Businessman's cover up
Creates the Silent Enemy
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