Once A Fool Testo

Testo Once A Fool

1 - [Destiny's Child]
I was once a fool too
I know what he's putting you through
So don't tell me what I should do
I ain't gonna end up like you

His love has gotten' you blind
Wake up and use your mind
I let you do your thing
Stop playa hatin' on me

Kelly, ain't it a shame
That boy you call your man
He's runnin' game
Don't mean to cop you out
But you gettin' played
I'm just looking out
Don't let him do you that way

Repeat 1

Beyonce, oh Beyonce
Don't talk about my man cuz your's was fade
You woke up here was sprung, you oh so in love
But I let you be so let me be alone
(Let me be alone)
No way will I stay and watch him play you for a fool
Don't let a playa play on you

Repeat 1

I'm just looking out
You're my girl, no doubt
I know how men can be
I just think he loves me
Don't be a fool no more
I can't let him go
I'm trying to make you see
I still think he loves me

[William Floyd] - rap
Yeah, yeah, now check it
You don't know how I feel
You need to stop trippin'
You don't even know the deal, for real
Nothing but love and respect for this girl
That's why she's laced with these diamonds and pearls
Now I know she's been hurt in the past
Gon' find a way to make this love affair last
You got too much time on your hands
You need to stop hatin' and find your own man
He can't tend first child love the sand
Baby girl for you I tip all this land
Gainst the forces of Satan, we gotta make a stand
We could be lovers and the best of friends
A legion of swords couldn't make me retreat
That just shows how much your love inspires me
When I look in your eyes and I know there's a smile
Put it all together, you're my Destiny's Child

Repeat 1
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