Tell Me Where To Go Testo

Testo Tell Me Where To Go

You keep me trustingWhen my hope has wandered away
You'd catch me if I fall out
Of what I fell in
You put the meaning
In my purpose
Time after time and time again
How can I stand here?
And not feel the least but guilty?
How can I stand here?
And not feel like I'm being selfish?
I'm keeping the world's best trophy
In my showcase
And you approve of this
I am swimming in bliss
With you
Tell me where to go
Tell me where to hide
Tell me where I can be safe
Just tell me where to go
When everything is gone
Where should I go?
You calm the storms
That seem to mark the end
And when it all goes down
You can at least pretend
That we're still standing
We're still going strong
When we're not
You give me meaning
Give me hope when
I feel like giving up on trusting
Give me light when it is dark
Give me all I need to go on
I'm not looking anymore
I've found what I was searching for
And she's here with me; you're here with me
You still the water when
It starts getting a little violent
And you tell me it's okay
when most wouldn't approve
But you pretend
And you give me hope
When trusting has lost its appeal
When my emotions give nothing to feel
Where should I go?
Tell me where to go
Because I always go to you
Is that what I should do?
You're all I have that I can hold
You are where I want to be
You are everything to me
And I will never watch you walk away
You mean to much, you are too much
You give me too much hope
You give me too much comfort
This feels too good to go
You do it all but all I ask
Is that you
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