Slow Motion Testo

Testo Slow Motion

I'm standing under the California skyToes digging deep into the sand
I close my eyes and hear the waves crash in and out
I can't see the wind but I feel it, and it feels good
My jeans have been rolled up
And my button shirt has been unbuttoned
Standing, hands in my pockets
Heart has been taken off my sleeve and tucked away
My mind is filled with thoughts of the sunset
That I see when I look in your eyes
And my heart is filled with something unfamiliar
And soon it will overflow and fill my lungs
I think it already has, I am at peace in this place of comfort
I have made allies of the seashells
And bid me farewell
The sand holds my feet so nicely
And I wish it wouldn't let go, it doesn't let go
I near the waters edge
Feel the cold sweep over my body
And shiver in the frost; then wince in the heat
Emotions running wild when I'm here
But it always returns to a low hum just above 0 volume
And I am at peace in this place of comfort
The California sun has set
And now I'm alone on the beach
And my legs are shaking, threatening to give way
To the burden they're holding
My feelings have made me a shadowy slideshow
I laugh at the past and I smile at the present
The future could not be clearer
And I wish it were tinted
Time to think has now expired
Turn and make my way back to the real world
Back to your arms
I wish you could join me in this newly discovered heaven
I can only wish, I can only wish
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