Lullaby Testo

Testo Lullaby

Can you sleep?I can't but I tired
I had a bad dream
Where everyone died
Tell something good
To wash it away
Because no bad dream
Can make me forget what you say
Sing me a happy song
A lullaby
About trees and flowers
In June and July
Hold me in your arms
Out of harm's way
You make beautiful rainbows
When skies are gray
I'd be fine to sit here
In the warmth of hold
Just sing while I sleep
So bad dreams don't unfold
Sing me a happy song
A lullaby
About brilliant white dots
That cover the sky
Sing me a lullaby
Because I was dreaming about life with out you
Sing me a beautiful song
To tell me where we belong
What are you dreaming?
Something unknown?
Just to know your breathing
That I'm not alone
Is something I love
Sing me a happy song
A lullaby
About a man that lives life
Almost as good as I
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