Lights Out Testo

Testo Lights Out

I sit and stare expressionlesslyOut the window and into the lifeless field
Blooming flowers you said would never bloom
My apartment, so loveless, a murderous white room
Silence fills the need for words to be spoken
Poorly mended hearts fulfill the need for more to be broken
Feel my feet slide into the wet cement
Close my eyes and run my fingers through my hair
Look up at the ones clear sky and wonder
Why my back is always against the wall
Watch falling stars plummet into the ocean
Wonder why I'm the only one to slip and fall
I'm not going to regret crying tomorrow
Only today
Lights out early tonight on 5th street
Lights out, and don't turn them on
I don't want to see me like this
Break my mirrors
I don't want to see me like this
No one does
Sit down on my bench
More and more it seems like home
Stare at what I wish I had
But I don't have to wish
I can go home to my unpaid bills
And unmade bed
And smell that crazy perfume you used to wear
Take out your picture and light some candles
And strum some chords and bring you to mind
Lights out
Lights out on 5th street
Don't turn them on
I don't want to see me like this
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