Drowning Testo

Testo Drowning

Breaking our eye contactBreaks more then just that
So much is broken now, yeah
Tearing the love letters
Tears my heart of my chest
And throws it down
Fills my lungs and I drown
It's so beautiful in a way
What can I do to get through to you?
Something has to break
Something has to change
Something has to give
You're falling out of range
I want to pull you back
Back in my fingertips reach
But some things you've got to do yourself
I'm no superman
Look in the mirror
Hope the answer is a little nearer
I'm searching for the un-findable
It's so useless
I'm so jaded
I hate it
Get here, please!
I've been waiting so patiently, but it's so hard
Answers get here, please
Before I drown in a sea of my own creation
Some people would assign
Fault at a time like this
We both had a responsibility
That we killed to the best of our ability
I feel like hating you
I feel like loving you
I feel like breaking you
I feel like feeling you, yeah
Wanting you, pushing you away
It's so hard to comprehend
I know you feel it to
You helped create it, after all
How do you breathe underwater?
Everything seems so far away
Everything seems too close
It is incomprehensible
It is unexplainable
It's our relationship
That I just happen to be drowning in
What ever happened to holding hands?
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