The End Of Time Testo

Testo The End Of Time

I'm walking my way back home
Following the infinite loop of the human being
I see a suspicious light in the sky
Darkening my entire soul
All around me, people scream and point to the sky
Transforming the peaceful atmosphere into a total euphoria
I'm fighting with my mind to keep control over myself
But I start running without any destination
Evidence of the end
Now is possessing me
Decadence of the Earth
Losing its place in the universe
I'm feeling the end of time
I'm living the end of time
The darkness is now invading the surroundings
The clouds are splitting, letting the Earth unprotected
And I hear a diabolic noise... louder... and louder
The strenght of the impact destroyed all lifeforms
The Earth is now a gigantic pile of dust
Floating into infinity, releasing its heritage
Lost forever
This is one of the infinite possibilities
About what could be the end of all ends
No onw knows how it will happen
But everyone knows that it could be our destiny
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