Sentenced By The Hammer Of Justice Testo

Testo Sentenced By The Hammer Of Justice

The sound of the hammer
Just echoed through the court
Now officially a criminal
I am escorted to my cell
I know that I've done nothing
I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time
But guilty is just what justice is in need of
And I am the only suspect they got
My vision of justice will never be the same
Everyday I have to face
Suspicious looks from the others
Who have chosen to think
That I deserve what's happening to me
I thought that the law would unveil the truth
But I got stuck in a world of lies
I have lost everything I lived for
How could I find the force to survive
I can't believe that my life
Is going to a dead end
Every morning, when I wake up
Before opening my eyes
I hope that all of this
Was just a nightmare
Sentenced by the hammer of justice
Frustration and anger
Are growing stronger
Slowly losing my sanity...
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