Martyred In The Rage Of War Testo

Testo Martyred In The Rage Of War

Right into the rage of war
Through the noises of fire and explosions
A man is fighting against two things
The enemies and his own mind
Killing everyone in sight
On his side or not
He doesn't even care
FOrgetting all about himself
Seeing guts spilling
And blood quirting
Even rays of the sun wouldn't be able
To enlighten his darkened spirit
Running amongst the corpses
Holding his weapon tight
He now feels the fear emerging
Knowing that he could end up like them
Even his own visions of mutiny
Wasn't that horrific
Caught in the middle of the battle
Behind the enemy's lines
Aware that his defeat is imminent
He started to panic
Crawling in a long grass zone
Seeking for a way out
He his now the pray
And not the predator anymore
Remembering his family
And what he's done so far
The man recover his breath
To return to the battlefield
Back on his feet he realizes
That it isn't going any better
Looking all around hum
Hw knows he won't last long
Pain suddenly struck his left arm
He just got shot from behind
Covered by the blood of his injury
He falls to the ground
Hearing death whispering to him
Feeling his life vanishing
Someone gets close to him
Puts a gun to his head
And finishes hum
The last thing that passed through his mind
Was a feeling of hate... about humanity and its logic
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