Catch The Flames Of Breath Testo

Testo Catch The Flames Of Breath

I burn with force and pride
in the Satan tracks and make it overloaded
I burn in the old flames of the first
and never ending authentic glory's breath
I follow free no doubts
fast like wind I'm the Hard Rider of hell
I'm on fire, in all desire of seeing
a new dark age I blaspheme tonight
Around the world the Force of damnation brings the earth back to the past
And turns the seven last trumpets into
demoniac Hellhorns to play a thunder roll
Satan in total dominion guide (us) his followers
(all) united and strengthened
DEMONTHOR across the sky, leading THE FORCE on the route of Conquer Battle
All the opposers fall like pitiful puppets
(all) crushed and slashed
Dead with the illusory reality of the slave's god's commandments
And I tell you, there is a wide difference
between being slave and free
And now you can, with no fear,
take your great decision
And go on with Satan in this way of victory
freedom and Rock'n Roll
Above the damn fools
jailed in their reality of lies
So, all of them tremble before that when man and beast are one !
Break the rules and triumph
in pinnacles of power
And just one spark was lighted very long ago
in the womb of utopia
And there was spawned a serpent
and now is the harvest time...
The poison of the serpent is our wine
Now, our steps are clanging...
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