Torments Of Tantulus Testo

Testo Torments Of Tantulus

Torments of Tantulus
Once a mortal man
Invited the gods to make a great
Impression on the immortals
On the gods
He sacrificed his son for
Gleaming favour but it was just like dust
In the wind
A rich repast with silver and gold
A splendour never seen before
But the lids were hiding a human body
Tantulus had missed the mark
The punishment of Mercurius
River of pain
Hunger and thirst - trying in vain
Overshadowed by ambition
River of pain
The Torments of Tantulus
What have you done?
The dogs of deepest hell
Are barking at the ruined soul
Of the fallen man,
Who never can break the spell
This cruel spell
Alone with chains of fear and misery
He wants to live again,
Or die in silence
He has doomed to stand in clear cool water with fruits around him
He could never reach between life and death a morbid estate
The embrace of fear keeps him awake
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