Solitude Testo

Testo Solitude

They burned up their brotherhood
To choose the fight or solitude
The pleasure was their one and all
They followed their lust,
they followed the call
The mistress promised ' I'll praise the one
When the fight is bloody done '
Misled them to the will to kill
Bargain is a bargain, and deal is a deal
Find the way, keep the light
Once they stood side by side
Find the way to the cure - solitude
The day broke in, the rage broke loose
Finished with words and abuse
Just raw power, but who's the blame?
One of two brothers was doomed to fail
Crashing devotion playing dice
Leaving him to his own device
The younger one is lying in the dust
Dirt mixed with blood,
pain fusing with lust
Swords hallowed by the mistress' hand
A brave man killed - senseless command
The triumph is unreal, he knows it too
Scarlet nightmares are coming true
No one dares to say a word
The silence around must be unheard
Worlds collapsing in man's mind
Solitude is the only pride
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