Elements Testo

Testo Elements

In the heart of the Earth, a new evil has been born
Fire ran 'cross peaceful lands, innocents were ripped and torn
Cyclon came on wings of Wind, Lord of Water reigns in blood
Rules the Earth and rules the air. Is it the evil or the act of God?
Keeping the balance of power
Shall the evil reign alone?
Even Cain had a brother, an opponent
The Hero had to born
Misusing the Elements, Evil-powers rise so high
Fire, Cyclon, Water, Earth - Against the good - Walk beside
Fire, The breath of the dragon
Cyclon, Master of Winds
Water, The power of oceans
The Earth, Holding the magic from valleys right up to the hills
Summoning the Elements, Evil powers rise again
Telling secrets of suffering, you're Welcome! Join the pain!
After so many killing wars, Million people had to kneel
The arrival of the Hero is near, Survivor! - Born from the Steel
Born from the steel He will prevail
He knows the source To fight evils force
Forged from the Iron Ceasar of Metal
Judgement is near It comes by the Steel
Holding the magic, but never can destroy the STEEL.
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