Demonlord Testo

Testo Demonlord

I am the Ruler of Darkness and Light
I am the Raper, violence is my bride
I am the Nightmare of men
I am much more than I ever can tell
I told Prometheus to light my cigar
The Vine of Gods a cheap drink in my bar
Valhalla is my trashcan
Master of the Winds takes care of some cool air
The Book of the Dead is just a fairytale for me
Atlas, you can hold my balcony
The Lord of the Flies is caught in my web
But my name you will never forget
I am the Demonlord
I am the Demonlord
I am the Demonlord
Lord of the Demons I am
Zeus is responsible for party bonfire
This secondhand performance is making me smile
The Phoenix is locked in my cage
My bathroom is boiling from Poseidon's rage
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