Hey Friend Testo

Testo Hey Friend

Anytime you see me
acting kinda mean honey,
don't take it hard,
you know it ain't what it seems.
It's just one of those moods,
everybody gets into,
well I'm feeling like a trumpet
that's playing out of tune
in a downtown bar, a smoky saloon
and you can't tell me
it ain't never happened to you.

Hey friend
I'm depending on you,
you'll be making me grin
in a minute or two,
'cause with a lady like you
I'll never need to pretend.
Hey friend
I'm just letting you know
so you can ride with the tide,
you can roll with the flow.
I'm just getting my head
back on its feet again.
I'm just getting my head
back on its feet again.

Well nobody's dying???
And no I ain't ill.
I've got a lady I love
and I've paid all my bills.
And I can work it out
what's messing up my mind,
but maybe it's a thing
I don't need to understand.
Like the faze of the moon
'cause even a man
can have his own kinda regular
ups and downs sometimes.
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