Wombraider Testo

Testo Wombraider

Once there was a docter so corrupted
inside his head things where a bit busted
By profession he was a gynaecologist
Unfortunately he also was a kind of a misogynist
He hated children too
saw them as a kind of goo
Thought it was his duty
to mismake them to prevail his self defined beauty
With the women he did nasty things
Cut off their fingers to steal their wedding rings
but that was not the worst to become of the story
His cutting tools will fulfill their part in pride and glory
He strapped them tight to the operation table
Instead of a scalpel he used a Japanese sable
An old one full of rust, dirty and blunt
Extracting the uteries from the womens' cunts
Preserved prematures hatched in glass jars
while the mothers kept in agony behind bars
A labyrinth of hoses connected to the unborn
the shrieks of death unfolds his deepest scorn
Awaiting a life of pain and misery
doomed to die before the age of three
Vicious experiments are done on the creatures
to enhance their grotesque features
A final and fatal infliction
by detrimental predilection
Tender pinkrose meat
is what mother now shall eat
Reluctant to consume the little pest
forcefeeding is what works best
Her final destiny is now at hand
both are reunited in the end
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