Axe Fight Testo

Testo Axe Fight

Axe Fight
Why does it take so long for me, to get through to you?
What if I break before
Before you see what you put me through
I've found one way
That I can tell you louder than any other way
Want you to listen, if you can?
To things that I say?
Though this is like everything, everything can die
I'm trying to make you see, but you can't see at this time
I'm here, can't you hear?
Decisions are made without, I feel left out of this
Hang on! or I'm gone
In a hole, bare my soul
Breaking my back to thrill
I'm older, you're colder
There's no more time to kill
No problem we'll take the world, make the world our way
Then maybe you'll stop to hear, want ot hear what I say
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