I Am Testo

Testo I Am

I am
I am a
I am a blackman
I am a
I am
I am I
(love a blackman from infinity to infinity)
I am
I am a blackman
I am a blackman you scared to clap for
I am a blackman who likes metephor
I am a blackman whose antiwar
I am I
and the blackman that I am is quite sure
I am not pure
African fruits mixed with Cherokee juice
I am a black man with red clay roots
Arkansaw I am
blackman speaking my I am truth
I am not trying to recruit
youth for nothing but revolution
solutions to overstand the I am
they be, unlike me
I am a man, and I am as unique
as you
I am the I who will stand for my truth
I am a blackman educating our youth
Sonnets to Ebonics
Othello in the East O
I am, the sum total of your hope
I am a blackman who sometime can't cope
with haters who hate on knowledge
I am a blackman who says go to college
ignorance should be abolished
but the greatest teacher is a preacher
whose mirror smiles and says to him....


Man Man-
I am deeper than the deep blue sea, on a thursday
before Friday's storm comes to wash me clean
I am pretending to be a pretense of something I have always been,
i'm a number one raiders fan with no face paint, I ain't a chauvanist,
I like taking long walks by the beach and tasting clouds outside of my reach
As I walk amongst you, you don't need to know this history,
just the here and now, that is how we learn to connect with respect
connect with respect, we need to break it on down and connect with respect
This freedom you don't wanna let me own it, but like a donut fried in a vat
i keep popping back up, as tough as the day that you denied me like Jesus
three times before dawn, the battle likes are drawn and verbal bombs are your demise
the lies you told yourself are caught in your breath,
respect those who resurrect flowers from the melting snow
this is a rhyme about giving and living more than I'm taking
escaping the hum-drum of the barrel of a gun that I never held
This is the voice of the book worm, this is the voice of the bookworm
who's words storm earls like hurricanes
you insert the man


I am a Blackman
I am speaking
gullah from the gut and gutter cause Gran D Coota B be Geechie
I be speechifying to reach the dying
plying they minds with my halfway lies and faggot pageantry
and now, I beseech thee
Yah mo b there over and under
the drum machines and creepy piano tinkling
hoping you see me/I'm here to teach things
I am hoping you believe me
These quotes I wrote stuck in my throat
while I was swinging in yonder tree/my lover was singing
my brother was bringing for s/he
blankets and sage and thanking him for being
but mabye that's just Phillip Bailey /wailing, entailing my fantasy
a prevailing notion/Claude McKay at the edge of the ocean
PLD toasting Jimmy B. at the party he's hosting beyond the sea
where 206 times a hundred million bones be
fresh and clean from four hindred years in saline
gallons of tears for fears, pulling up the rear, hay baling
in the middle of the the barn and harms way
Obadike on Ebay/means you cant be that way and stay
but Pointfive dont pray so what to say?
Twixt December 26 and new years day
I loose the Strange Food and Fruit from the past
my faithful first be on the last
I am....
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