Another Life Testo

Testo Another Life

Never knowing what comes of life
Imagining the gift of love with you
And tonight my day ended with a lie
Another lonely night alone when I turn around
Better love is ahead I pray
It❝s still so hard to spend my night each day
Oh I wish you knew
Ah this pain inside
I wonder why it❝s still the same when I turn around
And it❝s still so hard to stay
I pray to see your eyes and feel the love you gave me
I swear I think of you
I cry all through the night but I believe in prayers
I know somehow one day you❝ll come my way
I want you in my life
Never alone, wherever you go
Whatever will come, what may no other way
And I❝ll give my endless love to you
Repeat *
I❝ll find my way to you
Close to your heart, then never let go
Remember the love we knew
Someday you❝ll know
Oh the meaning of my life is you
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